.HIVE's Core Beliefs

Your Data is Valuable

We know that the data that most apps are collecting on you is valuable, but we beleive that this is YOUR data and YOU should be rewarded for its use!

We Believe in Crypto

We believe that the stabilization of price that Smartcash brings many use casesThe most notable use cases include; transactions,  rewards, and creating digital trust.

Games are FUN!

We believe that games are fun and easy to understand. Adding blockchain to a game will be a fun introduction into crypto for all people! 

Feature Sets Include:


During this stage the infrastructure of the app will be made. Users added during this stage will see the highest amounts of Smartcash, but are encouraged to donate their rewards back to the system building hives in areas that they hang out the most!

.HIVE's Feature Set:


The world is covered in fresh pollen ripe for the picking! Every pollen you gather will give you a set amount of Smartcash. Collect around your local area or discover communities at large all while collecting pollen!


Post a pic once everyday and try to earn money through challenges or other users donations. Receive or send rewards to users that are creating content generating all the BUZZ!


Get rewarded for hanging out at your favorite spots! If your coffee shop is a Hot.SPOT you will get rewarded for the more time that you spend at the cafe. Who knows, maybe your coffee can be on .US!


Donate to your own .HOME hive and start generating Pollen while you’re away. This can also be shared with your friends while they are in range of your .HOME!



Donate to your local landmarks and make them a .MARK hive. .MARK hives will be generating Pollen all day long, allowing everyone around them to gain bigger Smatcash rewards.


Look for .HIVE Soon on